Our Barristers

Head of Chambers

Trevor Berriman (Year of Call: 1988)


Christine Rutkowski (Year of Call: 1999)

Sharon Gibbons (Year of Call: 1999)

Annabel Goodman (Year of Call: 2000)

Suzanne Hodgkiss (Year of Call: 2000)

Tony Muman (Year of Call: 2001)

Katie Wilkinson (Year of Call: 2003)

Harry Owen (Year of Call: 2003)

Ineza Hussain (Year of Call: 2008)

Thomas Green (Year of Call: 2009)

Thomas Wheeler (Year of Call: 2011)

Sharon Hughes (Year of Call: 2013)

Jonathan Bott (Solicitor: 1994, Bar: 2015)

Inderjit Thind (Solicitor: 1985, Bar: 2016)

Emma Weaver (Pupil) (Year of Call: 2014)

Door Tenants

Louise Boothroyd (Year of Call: 2009)