Tony Muman

Tony Muman
Call: 2001
Education: LLB (Hons), Pg. Dip

Practice Areas: 

Tony heads the Immigration and Public Law groups in chambers. 

Tony is a renowned and seasoned practitioner in the full spectrum of immigration, asylum, EU and nationality law and remains counsel of first choice with solicitors and clients in these areas.  His extremely busy practice at all levels  encompasses a wide range of work with an overarching emphasis on human rights, with a particular interest in the protection of the rights to private and family life and the freedom of religion and expression, particularly in those cases involving discrimination issues.

Tony widely practices in all areas of public law and his reported cases are some of the leading judgments in administrative law.

Tony founds his practice on a strong sense of social justice, appearing in many cases where the rights of the individual are in issue and in cases where justice demands readily accepts pro-bono instruction.

Tony has annually received recommendations in the prestigious Chambers and Partners Guide to the Legal Profession.

The 2012 edition says Tony Muman of 43templerow Chambers is celebrated by clients for his “invaluable” experience in human rights and public and immigration law.   They add: “His ability to think outside the box is a commendable trait, which enables him to spot a ground of appeal where others would not.”

The 2013 edition ranks Tony as a “notable practitioner” in immigration, stating that “Tony has a practice centred on civil liberties and human rights as they relate to questions of migration, asylum and religious expression. His recent work on the case of Daley-Murdock in the Court of Appeal is indicative of the level at which he practises.” 

The 2014 edition records Tony’s “…strong human rights and asylum focused immigration practice.”

The 2015 edition refers to Tony as “a veteran immigration barrister known for his comprehensive understanding of nationality and EU law.”

The 2016 edition refers to Tony as ” a favourite with many solicitors and clients because of his down-to-earth, capable and responsive approach as well as his ability to quickly get to grips with briefs involving complex factual and legal issues”

The 2017 edition says that Tony is “as well-regarded junior who is noted for his counsel on immigration law, asylum, EU and nationality law” and describes him as a “safe pair of hands”.

Tony is pleased to accept instructions on direct access basis.

Languages: Punjabi and Hindi

Recent Cases of Interest: 

Notable Cases:

European Court of Human Rights

Court of Justice of the European Union

Supreme Court

 Court of Appeal

 Administrative Court 

Divisional Court 

 Employment Appeal Tribunal

 Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)

 High Court, Chancery Division

Crown Court

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